Top Brand Criteria

Top Brand Award is an award presented to brands regarded as "top". The "top" criteria are based on the surveys conducted by Frontier Consulting Group. Top Brand Index is formulated based on 3 variables: Mind Share , Market Share and Commitment Share. The first variable, Mind Share , indicates a brand's strength inside the minds of the consumers of the respective product category.

Market share shows a brand's strength in a certain market in terms of consumers' actual buying behavior.The third variable, commitment share , indicates a brand's strength in encouraging consumers to buy that brand in the future.

The Top Brand Index, which used further as a basis to determine TOP BRAND, is calculated by taking the weighted average of all of the measures. The criteria to determine which brand eligible for the TOP BRAND are as follows:

  • Brand that achieve a TBI Index of 10% or more, and
  • Brand that manages to be in the top three in its corresponding industry.

Both of these criteria must be fulfilled by a brand if it is to be recognized as TOP BRAND. Consequently, the requirements allows the possibility that in 1 product category more than one brand. Maximum 3 brand. Receive the TOP BRAND AWARD.